Letterpad is an open source blog publishing engine with a state-of-the-art technology. It uses Graphql to interact with the API.

Letterpad is a tiny project in terms of the number of people actively working on it. Due to covid, we lost a lot of contributors. We have ambitious plans for what we're trying to do and we need to focus on delivering a useful product. Any little contribution from your side would mean a lot to us.

Why Letterpad ?

Blogging has been a part of our lives from a very long time. There are so many great options available but still we felt the need of a system which is not very commercial, ad-free, heavily performant, minimalistic and without any paywall. Most of the platforms has been developed with great features, but as an independent blogger we felt the need of system which has a smaller footprint. And with that, Letterpad was developed.

Letterpad can be used as a platform or in your server. We also provide you with a client, but you can create your own client in any language you want.

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