Letterpad can be customised to some extent. However, it does not provide a ton of options. This is because we want your blog to run on steroids, super fast. Providing too many options and plugins considerably slows your blog. It's not that we are not adding features, but we are very mindful in choosing the right features for you.

General Settings

Start with customising those elements of your blog, which gives your blog an identity. Clicking on Settings and start with the General Settings.
The title of your site. If if you have not selected a logo, then this title will be displayed.
The email that you want to keep public. Users will be able to see this email.
What is your blog about ?
If you are hosting Letterpad by yourself, then provide that url. If you are using the Letterpad Platform, then the format should be https://{username}.letterpad.app without the {}.
You can write html or text content that will be visible in the footer.
If you want to take control of analytics, provide the Google Analytics ID, or you can leave it as is.


You might want to change the logo, favicon and maybe use a banner. You might also want to change some css. For this you can change the appearance section. Keep in consideration that users might be using a light theme or a dark theme, so make sure your changes look good in either of them.