Writing a post

Your blog is a nothing but a list of posts in an organised manner. In this article, we will see how to create a new post and what all happens during this process.
To create a new post, click Posts in the left sidebar and then click on the button New on your right side.
On clicking New, a post gets generated and is assigned a unique identifier. You don't have to worry about this unique identifier, it's something that happens in the background.
At this point you will see very much a clean page. This is similar to what we experience when we write a handwritten letter.
Start your post with a good title. And then hit enter to start writing your post.


There are two kinds of toolbar that are available to you to format the text. The first one is visible when you enter at an empty line. And the second toolbar is visible when you select a part of text.
Most of the icons that you see should be identical to what you might have seen in google docs or other editors. Go ahead and try each option to see what they do.


Publishing the post is always the fun part. You can publish your post by clicking on the three dots on the top right corner and clicking on settings. This will open a right sidebar where you can add additional information for your post. These will be used for seo and other purposes.
Do a grammar check before you publish. We have integrated the editor with a AI model which will do text analysis and provide suggestions for improvement. This is in beta now.
Below are the points you should keep in mind before publishing your post.
  • Give a good description. This will be seen in search engines like Google. A good description will attract more users.
  • Provide a good path. This will be visible on the url. The path should not contain spaces and should be in lower case. In case of doubt, just write the title of your post and click format. This will take care of the path.
  • Provide a relevant cover image. Letterpad is integrated with unsplash which provides high quality images. The cover image will be used to create previews for your post.
Now go ahead and publish your post by clicking the publish button.