URL of your site

We provide you with a subdomain for your homepage. And you can customise this simply by changing your username.

Change your username

Your username is represented in the URL of your blog - https://{username}.letterpad.app. If you register with Google or Github, the username is your Google ID or Github ID.

We cannot use the username from Google or Github because it can create duplicates. For eg. if your email in gmail is foo@gmail.com and a different user used foo@hotmail.com in Github, although the username foo is common but they are two different users.

So you should change the username by yourself. However, if you register using an email and password, you can setup your username from the registration form itself.

To change the username, go to Profile => Basic Information => Username

The validate button is to check if this username exists and if so, it's already saved. And now you can visit https://username.letterpad.app to see your blog.

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