Post vs Pages

Letterpad has the concept of posts and pages. This concept is to differentiate between moving content and static content.

Posts are the entries that are displayed in reverse chronological order on your home page (or other listing page like tags).


In contrast to pages, posts can have comment fields beneath them. Posts can be grouped together by tags. For eg. if you write about travel, art and cooking, you might want to group certains posts under travel, few posts under art and few under cooking. And then you would display all these tags on your home page navigation.


Pages are similar to posts, but there are mostly static. Pages do not have tags, so they cannot be grouped together.

Pages are for content that that doesn’t change very much. Pages are for “non-blog” content. Pages are also not included in your site's RSS feed. A good example of page can be About Me, Contact Us, Resume, etc.

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