Grouping posts

Grouping posts is one of the most essential feature. It helps you to organise your blogs. Also, for a user it is easy to find the right content quickly.
In Letterpad, we use tags to group posts. With the help of tags, we can customise the navigation menu. This article will walk you step by step and help you understand this concept and how it is done.
By this time, you should have an idea on how to write or edit a post. If not, then refer this link.

Setting up the url of a post

Let's start with an existing post. In this example, the title of the post is My Trip to Paris. Click on the three dots at the top right corner. A menu will appear which will contain a link to Settings. Clicking on that should open a sidebar from the right.
In the above screenshot, the first highlighted block is the path or url of this post. You should change it to something meaningful. In this example we can simple create the path from the title of the post by replacing all spaces to - and using all lowercase. So it can be my-trip-to-paris.
Clicking on format will do three things for you:
  • If you enter "My trip to Paris" in the path, it will format it correctly for you.
  • It will also check if this path is unique and no other posts has this path.
  • It will also save this path if everything is correct.

Assign a Tag

Now you must assign a tag to this post. You can assign multiple tags which are relevant to this post. Something around 3-4 tags are good enough. But there has to be one special tag that can group this post with others. Since this example post relates to travelling, travel can be that unique tag.
Next we will publish this post and view the site. You can find the publish option at the top of the sidebar. Now go back and view your site. The post will still not appear because Letterpad has no idea the travel is the group that you want to display in your homepage.
If your homepage is not displaying the post you just published, it's because its not a part of navigation menu.

Setup navigation menu to display the tag

Navigation menu is responsible to control the content of your site. You can find the navigation menu in Settings => Navigation Menu
As you can see from the above screenshot, the first item in the navigation menu will show all the posts containing the tag first-post. Also, if you hover on the i icon towards the right, it shows a tooltip containing this information. So we are going to change this and display all posts containing the travel tag.
As you can see, the drop-down menu has already displaying the travel tag which has one post. Go ahead and select that. It will automatically save this change. Go ahead and check your homepage now. You should be able to see your post.
Now if you create more posts and assign the travel tag, they will display in the homepage.
Read more about the navigation menu in this article.